Special-purpose machine HBBA

The HBBA (heinicke drilling & milling machine) was developed by Heinicke Maschinen- und Metallbau GmbH to supply wind power developers with an allround solution for milling and drilling of rotor blades. In the following 4 steps, the HBBA makes the rotor blades ready for assembly:

  1. Positioning: after the blade is put onto the support stands, the positioning unit of the HBBA moves the rotor blade to the machining units. This enables an automatic processing of the rotor blade with the HBBA.
  2. Sawing: The rotor blade root is shortened to the planned length. The HBBA is equipped with a sawing unit that is fitted with a PKD saw blade. This sawing unit reaches a surface tolerance of max. 0.8mm.
  3. Face milling of the cut edge: To ensure a high surface flatness, the cut edge is leveled by the milling unit. This step is fully automatic.
  4. Drilling of the axial and radial holes: This is the main item of the process. The simultaneous drilling of the axial and radial holes. Both drilling cycles are freely modifiable.

The HBBA solves this challenging task through high focus on flexibility, reliability, precision and efficiency. Since the HBBA has been developed in 1996, more than 130 units have been sold all over the world and are at work 24/7. Since it was developed, the design was constantly improved and is at the state of art. The standard version of the HBBA (HBBA2600) is able to machine rotor blade roots up to a diameter 2,600mm. The complete working cycle of one rotor blade takes about 3 hours.
Only one qualified worker is needed to operate the HBBA. Additionally we offer solutions for the processing of offshore blades with a diameter of up to 4,500mm (HBBA4500). Each HBBA is especially designed for the needs and requirements of our customers which enables many ways for customization. If additional functions are needed, we are able to design and to manufacture these functions according to your requirements.
Every version of our HBBA is equipped with the highest security standards.

  • The HBBA is surrounded by a sound proof insulated cabin, which renders access to the moving parts while operating impossible. While the doors are open, the machine will not start, due to security measures.
  • If required, the HBBA can be equipped with a high powered vacuum system that is able to remove a huge amount of the aggressive dust.
  • All of the HBBA drives are designed for secure electrical output. Frequency converts ensure the correct economical usage of the used electrical energy.


HBBA locations Number of HBBAs
Brazil 2
USA/Canada 9
Other Countries 24
Europe 55
China 87

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